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amazon com the dc comics guide to pencilling comics - america s leading comic book publisher brings its superstar creators and classic characters to the second in an authoritative series of books on how to create comics, amazon com customer reviews the dc comics guide to - i was reading klaus jansen s book the dc guide to pencilling comics and the dc guide to inking comics and really found them to be must have books full of extremely useful information on setting up art pages for comic books, chicago spanking review comics spanking data base - this data base is the most complete reference available of spankings that took place in comic books and strips spanking is here defined as the application of a hand or hand held implement to the buttocks so spider man giving black cat the boot for example is excluded because a good swift kick does not count as a spanking animated cartoons are also excluded as is artwork not published, jack kirby interview the comics journal - it s accurate enough to refer to jack kirby as an american original but it s hard to know where to place the emphasis on american or original, the definitive list of comic publisher jason thibault - fantagraphics books love rockets hip hop family tree eightball publishes comics for thinking readers readers who like to put their minds to work who have a sophisticated understanding of art and culture and appreciate personal expression unfettered by uncritical use of clich, the reviews for netflix s the punisher are in and it s a hit - the punisher wows critics as first reviews surface for marvel s newest netflix series but it s not a jessica jones kind of wow