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the best of all possible wars larry niven 9780671878795 - the best of all possible wars 1998 is a selection of sf stories from the man kzin wars series following choosing names this volume contains an introduction and four stories, larry niven book series in order - one of the famed american science fiction writers of our time is larry niven whose real names are laurence van cott niven he was born in los angeles california united states on april 30th 1938 and studied at washburn university and california institute of technology, the incompleat known space concordance larry niven - what who is this website for this is a concordance or encyclopedia of the known space fictional universe created by larry niven the concordance is primarily intended for readers who have read at least a few known space stories readers who either want to learn more or who want to check specific facts, dirty coward tv tropes - the dirty coward is the slime of the earth working exclusively for themselves and shamelessly retreating from harm s way even if that harm is about to hit the all loving hero that just saved his or her life two seconds ago they ll take every advantage and are not above using dishonorable tactics and dirty tricks but they ll cry and moan every time the tables are turned and someone uses the, authors s page of ultimate science fiction web guide - science fiction fantasy and horror authors with last names begining s over 358 hotlinks 420 pseudonyms and notes without links 778 total links names